Thursday, April 16, 2009

Episode 1 "Alice in Wonderland"

In this episode, I’m reading the beginning paragraphs in chapter one “Down the Rabbit Hole” from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”. Five Tapissary vocabulary words are introduced (pictures, conversations, watch, end, come), and you will see how each fits into the context of a sentence in the second part of this video podcast.

I made the artwork by quickly sculpting clay figurines, photographing them, then adding features such as faces, hands, and backgrounds using Photoshop. I made the music on Garageband. I also fashioned the miniature clay village at the end of the episode, which is called Ventiçello.


Jonathan Jordan said...

I love it Steven!

ujean's whimsical world said...

This is truly marvelous Steven!! I twice sent you emails, but they just returned to me with the message, delivery failure. Hmmm, have you changed your email address?? Anyway, I'll try to upload your work posted on RB to my lens! Thanks a lot for letting me know about this blog!! I'll keep visiting this blog to catch up with your next episodes! I do think you're very creative & smart!!~~Ujean *~*