Saturday, August 15, 2009

Episode 9 "The Queen's Croquet Ground, Part Two"

August 16, 2009 Alice in Wonderland "The Queen's Croquet Ground" Part Two.

This film continues a chapter from "Alice In Wonderland". Lewis Carroll's original English text is translated into the invented language of Tapissary. The glyphic script of that language has various forms. The style used here is read from right to left, and from the base support of a phrase to its top. The phrasal structure builds up like a vine growing against a trellis. In the art style, a whole phrase is composed as a shape with accumulating layers rather than a taught linear string. This means that each phrase has a multitude of possible constructions. A writer must think in terms of balance, and work with the malleable glyphs for a pleasing composition. The style merges script with drawing, something that occurs in many calligraphic traditions world-wide. 


Unknown said...

Spoken, a mixture of French and Arab ... that's my perception as a language interessed and practician ... Evelyne just pushed me to have a look. Regards. Erich CH

Unknown said...

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