Sunday, June 14, 2009

Episode 5: "The Days of the Week"

This week, I’ve written some phrases about the days of the week in Tapissary’s ‘Sunrise’ style.

A frequently used Art text style (called the ‘Sunrise’ style) in Tapissary is generally written from right-to-left as in Hebrew or Arabic. Reading right-to-left is called the ‘sunrise’ mode because your eyes travel from the east margin of a page to the west margin.

Many of the çelloglyphs in sunrise mode have elongated shapes that differ from the forms in the ‘sunset’ mode (written from left-to-right as in English).

The elongated forms of the sunrise mode allow the writer to build up a design within the basic rules of layering: right-to-left, then top-to-bottom.

In the following text of the film, most of the phrases are double layered. A couple examples show triple layering.

The days of the week in Tapissary:

Monday - Monnidi

Tuesday - Tsëxxi

Wednesday - Wenndi

Thursday - Thissxri

Friday - Fxematti

Saturday - Sataxxi

Sunday - Zbaxxcéti

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